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4 min readMar 22, 2021

The year 2020–21 has not been very good for most of us because of Covid 19 or corona virus and that includes students who were planning to study MBBS abroad. Now that the coronavirus cases are receding in most countries this is the best time for planning your studies abroad. So if you are planning to study abroad then you need to take a few parameters into consideration before you decide on your dream MBBS seat abroad.

Which Country for MBBS Abroad?

Firstly, not all countries are suitable for everyone. You should choose a country keeping in mind a few things. First, keep your goal in mind when you choose a country for MBBS study. You should not select a country just because you like the weather or the scenery of the country. Try to focus on your objectives. If your objective is to study abroad and then come to your home country to practice then follow the medical trends and choose the country accordingly.

If you are planning for post study opportunities then select the countries which has the best immigrant policies. There are several countries which do not promote the idea of immigrants taking up the job of their citizens.

MBBS students need to be extra careful while choosing a country for a medical degree. You should select the disease that are affecting the most in your country if you plan to return to your native country and practice medicine. Also, see which are the areas in medicine where you can contribute more effectively.

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Select the Best University for MBBS Abroad

Another important thing is to not select any university just because someone has suggested it to you. You should select a university after doing thorough research on the strength and weaknesses of the university. This is the most important decision that you will make in your life. Select a university after you carefully study in terms of the pedagogy, infrastructure, accreditations, and curriculum. Make a list of universities that offer MBBS courses or medical stream that you want to study and then apply if you are eligible.

Medical aspirants in India are given conditional exemption to take admissions abroad in their desired universities even if they could not qualify NEET in 2020 and qualify NEET in 2021, this will help MBBS students have the benefit to save a year.

Full-Proof Financial Plan

Studying abroad can get expensive and you need to have a full-proof financial plan to study abroad for at least 5 to 6 years to complete your medical course. You need to factor in the course fees, hostel fees and other daily expenses that you will incur during your stay to complete the course. Will your family be able to support you financially during this period? Can you get a sponsor if they fail to support you? You really need to ask these questions before deciding on your study.

Fortunately enough, on humanitarian grounds, MBBS in China has been a great deal this year. Where some universities have reduced their 1st-year tuition fee to 50 per cent others have offered scholarships to meritorious students, while many of them have permitted the students to pay a fee in instalments no matter in which year the student is studying. There are a lot of universities abroad which also offers scholarships to students.

Right Accommodation

Now once you have decided on your course and university then the next step would be to select the right accommodation which is equally important so that you can study peacefully without any disturbances. There are universities which have on-campus accommodation in hostels which you can rent out before moving in.

You can also rent out an apartment if the university does not provide you any accommodation. Select a safe and secure locality and also try to stay in a locality where there are other students also. Try to get something near your campus so you can save time on travelling.

Right Program / Syllabus

Next you need to think of the best syllabus that suits you and the college where you are applying is also known for that curriculum across the medical universities around the globe. Consider the syllabus if it will be valuable when you start practicing after a few years. If you are planning to return to your own country and practice then find out if the course is a good one in your native place. There are various MBBS courses abroad which are accredited by the Medical Council of India, look for those specifically if you plan to return back to India.

Here are a few of the top countries for Indian students to study MBBS abroad

1) MBBS in Philippines

2) MBBS in Russia

3) MBBS in Ukraine

4) MBBS in Georgia

5) MBBS in Bangladesh

6) MBBS in Belarus

7) MBBS in Uzbekistan

8) MBBS in Kazakhstan

Hope this information helps you choose the best university for your dream MBBS course abroad!



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